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Day to Day Jobs

To & Fro picking up a passenger

Our companion drivers ease the
pressure of day-to-day routines

Whether it's a ride to a medical appointment, a shopping trip, or simply getting around town, To and Fro has you covered. Our reliable drivers and fleet of vehicles ensure a safe and enjoyable journey every time. Our companion drivers can accompany and support you during appointments to set your mind at ease.

We understand the importance of accessible transportation for all. That's why To and Fro is committed to providing inclusive services. We provide transport for all ages, and our wheelchair accessible vehicle caters for individuals with varying mobility needs.

Friends and Pastimes

Friends and Pastimes

Don't give up your club subscriptions or meeting up with friends

Don’t lose touch with the important things in your life. Let us help you connect with the people and pastimes that matter to you. Perhaps it’s the bowling club or a friend’s place. Simply give us a call. We will drop you off, then pick you up and take you back home afterwards.

Explore Our Backyard

To & Fro vehicle driving in the countryside

Enjoy a lovely drive in the countryside

To & Fro is located in the heart of the Waikato, surrounded by beautiful countryside that is waiting to be explored! Where will it be today? Cambridge or further afield, or even a trip to a special place which you hold close to your heart. Book in with one of our companion drivers and soak it all in.

Door-to-Door Shuttle

To & Fro door to door shuttle to Hamilton Airport

Airport shuttle

Start your holiday the right way with our door-to-door shuttle service. If you are wanting the ease and convenience of an airport shuttle, simply give us a call and we will get you there.